Sunday, April 22, 2007

France's Presidential Elections

The 1st round of the presidential elections is over. It certainly has been one of the most exciting elections since 1965 when the Suffrage Universel was established. It also got the highest participation rate (over 84%). Nicolas Sarkozy and Ségolène Royal made the cut among 12 candidates. It is time to end the small party tradition. Bové (l'altermondialiste), the man who blows up Mc Donald's and who will be going to jail soon, Laguillier who has been running for decades for the commnunist party and hasn't made it above the 6% once, Le Pen whose racist ideologies scared us in 2002, need to go and they will. We are in 2007! I still think that having more than 2 candidates is an interesting concept but let's limit it to 5 max! Sarkozy received over 31% and Royal over 25%. France will have a new president on May 6th at 12 noon (MST). After 12 years of Chiracist leadership, we are ready for a change. Hopefully a good one! Allez Sarko!

PS: Meredith thinks that Royal won't win until she gets bangs. Let's just say that she just won't win period and that "Ensemble, tout devient possible" (


selway2005 said...

Tu as vu le debat du 2 mai? C'etait bien marrant de voir Royal perdre son sang froid au sujet de la protection des femmes fonctionnaires: "il faut employe d'autres fonctionnaires pour les raccompagner chez elles le soir", et Sarkozy qui a replique: "pourquoi ne pas engage des gardes du corps pour les gardes du corps tant qu'on y est?" C'etait un bon debat!
Au fait, tu sais qu'il a ete elu?

PS Ton blog est super (patriotique)
Voici le link pour notre blog

Kris said...

Bap, I check your blog so often, we need some updates! I know your life is so exciting...dying Mer's hair, living with llamas in your backyard, amazing!

Cristy said...

Oh my gosh! Baptiste, you have to post something new already! I check your site every couple of months.... and it's the same blog entry! AHHHH! You're way past leaving us "Hanging," we've all officially fallen! =) (Ask Meredith if you need interpretation of that American saying... haha)

Kris said...

ok seriously. I feel like I did in the middle of season 2 of Lost.

Everytime an episode ended I'd say to myself "I'm never watching this again." Then the following Wednesday would come and I'd tune in to ABC, optimistically hoping for a hearty helping, but so often I was robbed of what I wanted.

Thats how I feel when I check your blog.

Maybe just une petite entry?