Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Do I smell?

Why is it that almost every other conversation that I'll start with someone I have never met before will end up as a culinary discussion on where to find the best cheese in town, or how to slice this cheese, etc. Do people really think that all we eat in France is cheese? What about Foie Gras? Well, I better not go there because Meredith will tell you her memorable Christmas meals with the in-laws...and that could last for a while! And I usually get upset because Foie Gras IS great! No matter what those American chefs tell you. Who eats at those french-wannabe places? Actually, Mer and I tried a café in NYC by Columbia University. Pretty good but it seems like they try to over-french everything and that makes me feel like I am at the EPCOT center in Disneyworld. That was cool when I was 15. Not anynore. For this reason and many more actually, I would recommend that you just go to France and pick a 1-star restaurant. OK, this is not on everyones calendar for 2007, but if you ever make it there, try it. Avoid the cheap touristy traps. They are just gross. Eat baguette and cheese for a couple days (add some fruits and veggies please) and save for a 1-star restaurant. You will love the experience. As for which one, ask me when you go. And I'm sure that they'll serve you really good...cheese. Well, I guess I even have cheese conversation with myself now! How pathetic! Don't even get me started. I really should have gone to cooking school or perhaps cheese school. Too bad they don't exist. How about I just start my own cheese school. I'll call it Prévôt, fromages, and co. Anyway, here's a list of good cheese that you will definately find in NY or in CA. As for SLC, you'll just have to stick to the already-grated-processed-packaged-fluorescent-cheddar-so-called-cheese! And how about that cheese wheez?

1. Saint Agur (my top favorite)
2. Chèvre
3. Gruyère (or Comté for Mer. That's the upscale swiss cheese)
4. Brie (creamier than a camembert)
5. Boursin (they sell it at COSTCO, run!)

(Those cheeses aren't in order of preferences except for #1)

PS: What do you think about the title of my blog?

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

A title for my blog

Welcome! Bienvenue!
First of all, I need to tell you that I LOVE cheese! Being French would be the clue and so I decided to give my blog this title since life can only really be enjoyed one cheese at a time (a day!). 'Til I have something more profound to say...cheers (or should I say cheese?)

Coming up: How to make your own Camembert!